Jensen Smith

Perceptive revengeful cleric


Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Good
Level: 1
Current XP Total: 650 Troll Fuh,
Armor Class: 6
Hit Points: 2

-Strength: 11
-Intellect: 15
-Wisdom: 16
-Dexterity: 15
-Constitution: 15
-Charisma: 10

-Attack, Damage, Open Doors: 0
-Languages: +1
-Saving Throws vs. Spells: +2
-Missile Attack Rolls: +1
-Hit Points: +1
-Reactions: 0

Saving Throws
-Death Ray or Poison: 11
-Magic Wands: 12
-Paralysis: 14
-Dragon Breath: 16
-Rod, Staff, or Spell: 15

Equipment Carried
-Leather armor
-Mace: 1d6 DMG
-Shield: d4+1
-3 Health Potions: Roll to succeed= 1d 4-1 HP back
-Giant Strength Potion: 2x DMG w/ weapon, Can thorw small boulders= 3d6 DMG, Cannot be used with other Strength enhancers
-Rope of Climbing: grappling hook that doesn’t retract

Special Skills and Powers
Langauge: Common Tongue

Turn Undead= Roll 2d6 to turn undead

Other Character Notes
-Race: Human
-Height: 5’5"
-Weight: 140 pounds
-Age: 19
-Hair: Black
-Eyes: Green


Born in a warrior village, Jensen was born with the expectation to fight and to be skilled in combat. At age 5, Jensen started training. He seemed promising, but after months and months of training, he couldn’t keep up. The village decided as a whole to rid of the child for his lack of strength. Abandoned, Jensen was left to fend for himself.

After days living outside the village, a nearby church found him and took him in. In the church, Jensen found himself a new home. There he learned the ways of prosperity, knowledge, and preaching. He lived in the church for years. But he soon grew tired of the same things.

He wanted something more and soon he found himself in the school of magic. He studied the ways of magic, while trying to stay on a holy path. Two years passed and his studying finished.

He went back to his church, but little did he know that a homicide took place. He entered the church and there he found all the bodies of his friends and family. He found everything that he ever loved sprawled on the ground, destroyed by some unknown assailant. Wandering the church, he kept finding more shed memories, torn up by the mere sight of his loved ones. Falling to his knees in the altar he discovered something within himself. He set a goal for himself. “If anyone were to ever call out to me, I’ll be there.”

Crying, he felt relief in the fact that he knew where they were going in the afterlife. He didn’t feel right in the end. He stood up and left the church. He started feeling enraged. He wanted to find and kill the assailant. His one true goal was to kill the one who destroyed everything he held near and dear.

Soon after this thought, he realized that he could never hold his own in a fight. He only knew the magic he learned in school. Jensen decided to venture forth to the place where he was once was abandoned and forgotten.

He headed towards the village from his childhood. Weeks passed, and he found himself at the gates of the village. Entering forth, Jensen was immediately met with glances and stares. Continuing on wards, he met himself at the middle of the village. He stood up high, shoulders raised, and voice heightened. He yelled, “My home was destroyed tonight by some random assailant. My home, everything I held close to my heart is gone. And I see it that whoever did it must come face to face with justice. If anyone wishes to see it as I do, please help me in my cause.” Only one villager stood forth. The village trainer stepped forward and met eye to eye with Jensen. Jensen and the trainer talked for hours. Jensen explained what happened and what he needed.

The trainer agreed to train Jensen in the ways of a warrior. Months passed, and Jensen proved himself worthy of fighting. Jensen’s one true rule to combat was to never use sharp weapons for that is a sin against the church.

Jensen, ready for combat left the village and set forth to seek revenge on the murder of his family.

He’s willing to join any cause as long as in the end he gets his revenge.

Jensen Smith

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